Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tap Out

The world is running out of fresh water. 

China has 25% of the world’s population but only 6% of its water. Saudi Arabia is headed towards total depletion of its aquifers. In dry season, the Ganges no longer reaches the sea. Already, the vast Ogallala Aquifer in the Midwest is being depleted faster than it can recharge. 

Yet in the United States, many think that the world water crisis will not affect them. They would be wrong.

The documentary film, Tap Out looks at water in America, particularly the seemingly water-rich areas of the Carolinas. It looks at the challenges to water quality and quantity as well as the side effects of ignoring the ever increasing warning signs. 

Three students, Evan, Jessica and Nick set out to travel the Catawba River in North and South Carolina and learn why it was named America’s most endangered river.  On their journey, they talk with scientists, environmentalists and industry and government spokesmen about mercury contamination, ash ponds, invasive species, contaminated groundwater, sedimentation, flow and just everything that affects water. 

In the martial arts, when a fighter is overwhelmed by a dangerous opponent and cannot escape, the fighter submits, or taps out.   When it comes to fresh water, we need to be sure that we never have to Tap Out.  

 Full disclosure - Tap Out was created by Virginia Tormey Friedman, that's me. My son is a martial artist and taught me about tapping out and other important life lessons. This blog is not about me or my films, but rather about my passion, documentary film. I thought it was important to get this out of the way first.

There will be more about Tap Out from time to time because it has become a lightning rod, channeling the fury of those who seek to avoid blame for their actions. 


  1. This blog activates emotional fluctuation on many levels. From moving to the monastery to tying my canoe to a tree in the low country with a little banner. The banner would say, "Please"...... I am interested in your work and your blog...Blessings.

  2. Virginia! Love the blog. Amazing and inspiring. Keep up the great work.