Friday, June 3, 2011

Three NEW DOCs to be released theatrically

 Good news for documentary lovers! Nine new documentaries are scheduled for theatrical release this summer.  While this is an unusual occurrence, it clearly shows that more audience goers want to see first-rate documentaries, and it is becoming profitable for theater owners to oblige them. Three caught my eye because they feature two animal beings and the only insect I hold affection for:  honey bees, horses and elephants.  I’ll give you the opening dates and if they are not playing in our city or town, call the theater manager and suggest they do. 

On June 8, One Lucky Elephant opens to a limited release. Directed by Lisa Leeman, it features the relationship between Flora, an orphaned African elephant, and her adopted father, David Balding. Flora became part of Balding’s family and though she performed in his small circus, she was always more of a daughter than employee.  As they grew older together, Balding sensed that Flora needed the company of other elephants and set about to make it so. 

On June 10, we may have an opportunity to see a honey of a film, Queen of The Sun and yes, this is the one about bees. It opens just in time for National Pollinator Week (June 20-26)

Queen of The Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us? looks at the causes behind Colony Collapse Disorder; an occurrence where honeybees permanently disappear from their hives. This doc talks to scientists struggling for the survival of the bees and bee-friendly philosophers who don't mince words in laying blame on our monoculture. 

I love character-driven stories and biodynamic and organic beekeepers are among the most interesting characters you can come across. Biodynamic beekeepers believe in learning about the nature of bees before handling and cultivating them. They dance with the bees.SAVE THE BEES people. Watch the trailer.

Finally we have Buck, directed by Cindy Meele, which opens June 17 in a limited engagement.
I have only seen the trailer folks, but I have always loved cowboys, so I was primed to fall in love with the horse whisperer named Buck Brannaman.

 Watch the trailer and fall in love too.

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